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Unlock Your Potential

In every session, retreat and teaching program I use my clairvoyant abilities

to help you go beyond your comfort zone, limitations, break patterns and assist in healing

to reach a new level of your potential and a more authentic version of yourself

My mission is to assist you find balance, achieve core values and spiritual nourishment

leading to greater happiness and life fulfillment

Wherever you are in your journey, I am here to guide you

in your personal and spiritual development

​Rikke Holmkvist

Ask The Clairvoyant

Ask The Clairvoyant

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where it is difficult to navigate

where you need urgent guidance and answers?

My new service I offer "Ask the clairvoyant" you can send me up to 3 questions via email and I will answer within 72 hours

This can be anything from career, love, family, finances, spirituality to many other big life questions and challenges

Follow the link where you can ask your questions and locate the cost


Clairvoyance is a spiritual tool I access to sense

 your potential, opportunities and challenges

Couple Retreat

Our couple retreat was a tremendously uplifting experience that has helped to start
a transformation in our relationship.

In particular Rikke was able to tailor the retreat to be personalized to our needs and specific
issues that we are facing in our relationship

We were both impressed at the clairvoyance reading where she was able to provide

a deeper insights into our lives

Rikke is an empathetic and caring person and we got a clear feeling that we were speaking
to a friend and a mentor that knew us personally which enabled us to open up
and make the most of our time.
Would highly recommend the couples retreat for those who are looking to strengthen
their connection

Chandni & Krishan - London

Chandni & Krishan - London
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