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Rikke Holmkvist


My Spiritual Mission

The spiritual world found me at very early age where I discovered my ability to sense energies

from the physical and spirit world.

I did not have an understanding of my gifts at such a young age and they resurfaced again in

my mid-twenties​ where I decided to explore my spiritual gifts

For many years I struggled with my self-esteem, my relationship with my body, love to myself,

love relationships, my roll in life and after a long search I found my right career path

as a spiritual counselor and clairvoyant​​​


My work has personally helped me find my deepest identity, strengthened my core values,

beliefs and my mission

I consider it a great gift that with my clairvoyant abilities -

I can support people in finding their way through their psychological challenges

 and help them identify their personal strengths and development potentials

I call this spiritual counseling​​​

Spiritual Leadership Education

Learn how to use spiritual tools to achieve your dreams, personal development, goals and experience

your own manifestation power

When I channel I connect myself
the purest, highest and loving universal energy

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