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Spiritual Leadership Eduction

Spiritual Leadership

Unfold Your Potential

Are you ready to rediscover yourself, find more meaning with your life and become more active in your personal

and spiritual development?

Spiritual leadership will provide you with new inspiration, spiritual knowledge and concrete tools to unite spirituality with your personal life and goals

Through Rikke's clairvoyant abilities, her unique perspective and soulful knowledge she can see what is hindering you from personal development and possible challenges that are blocking you from living your highest potential

Together we will create a positive conscious plan on the areas in your life where you want to raise your energy level,

create balance in your life and manifest personal goals

I will introduce you to specific spiritual guidelines and tools which will inspire you to incorporate into your new

elevated spiritual lifestyle

You will be left with a clear understanding of what energy is

and how to use the universal and spiritual laws

to create meaningful, positive and powerful changes​​​ in your life

You will notice more confidence, courage and authenticity

as you begin to show the world your true self


We Will Work With

  • What is energy and how do you improve and increase your energy for a happier life balance

  • What is intuition and how do you use it as a component in your leadership style

  • What are your unique skills and abilities and how can you incorporate them into your life

  • What is meditation and how do you include it into your daily routine

  • What is the law of manifestation and how can you use it to attract what you want

  • What are your unconscious patterns and how can you overcome those to live your full potential

  • What are your dreams and goals and how do you plan to achieve them

  • How can you use your spiritual gifts to guide yourself and others

  • How can you create meaningful, visible and lasting results

Practical Information

This individual online spiritual leadership course I will guide

and support you in your growth and goals where we will meet once a month over a period of ten months

After each session you will receive homework assignments and concrete spiritual tools which supports you as you progress

in the process

Investments for the beneficiaries total 2198 USD

The registration is binding

What You Most Likely Need 

  • More balance and harmony physically, mentally and emotionally

  • Wish to use your spiritual abilities more consciously and purposefully

  • Methods to create better results in your overall life

  • Tools to redirect your personal and professional goals

Who Are You?

  • You are between 30 - 60 years of age and ready to change your life for the better

  • You miss direction and guidance to find your way in life

  • You are open and can sense other people how they feel

  • You often feel alone with your thoughts and emotions

  • You sense other people energy and have a hard time to shake it off

  • You have a strong feeling that you can help other people

  • You give a lot of your own energy to others

  • You have a difficult time to set your personal boundaries clear and with authenticity

Spiritual Leadership Retreat Bali

Spiritual leadership retreat is an energetic space that will inspire you to apply powerful spiritual tools in your personal and professional life in order to manifest personal goals,

raise your energy level, take better care of yourself and create balance in all areas of your life


You will be left with a clear understanding of what energy is and how to use it to create meaningful, positive and powerful changes

Areas you will work with to discover and redefine your new direction: Self-love, meditation, core values, intuition, energy, gratitude, the universal laws of manifestation, goal setting

and so much more

Spritual Leadership Retreat
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