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Online Clairvoyant Master Course

Online Clairvoyance Course

Develop and explore the deeper
layers of your spiritual abilities

The focus is on exploring and developing your spiritual and clairvoyant abilities for self development, guiding others

and learn:

  • Strengthening of your intuition and spiritual development

  • A deeper understanding and insight of yourself

  • Communicating intuitive based messages ethically 

  • Different clairvoyance techniques

  • How to interpret clairvoyant messages

  • How to give clairvoyance to others and much more

You do not need to have experience in the spiritual field to participate - the most important thins is that you have an intense desire, curiosity and willingness to learn and enhance your intuitive potential and self development

Online clairvoyant master course is conducted with a minimum 4 participants per course as I believe in the power and strength of supporting each other on your individual journey towards spiritual growth and personal development


Are You Ready To

  • ​Work with your self development

  • Learn to use you spiritual and clairvoyant abilities

  • Access deeper parts of your own personality, power and wisdom

  • Become more grounded, focused, centered and effective in the world

  • Turn down your analytic mind and turn up your intuitive self

  • Learn to read and heal chakras

Practical Information

This online clairvoyant master course we will meet via Zoom

once a week, six times and 2 hours per course

Each online clairvoyance master course is conducted with a minimum 4 participants and 8 participants in total per course

After each session you will receive homework assignments

where the focus will be on your spiritual and self development.

It is your choice exactly how much effort and work

you will put in to this

Investments for the beneficiaries total 794 USD

The registration is binding

Who Are You?

  • You are between 30 - 60 ​years of age and ready to step into your personal evolution

  • You become easily overwhelmed in large crowds

  • You sense other people moods and energy

  • You occasionally experience receiving intuitive messages but not not sure how to interpret it 

  • You are drawn to the spiritual element

  • You are interested in sharing yourself and listen to others

What You Need To Know

This online clairvoyant master course is 100 % live -

there will be no prerecorded videos or files


Rikke will personally teach, guide and support you in your development and process learning clairvoyance

After end online clairvoyant master course you will receive a certificate that you have participated 12 hours of

online clairvoyant master course which you can print out

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