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Healing Therapy

Healing Therapy

The Energy Treatment

Healing therapy is a gentle energy treatment to promote relaxation and assist in releasing long held emotional patterns, beliefs and trauma allowing your body to heal 

on a deep spiritual level


Using her spiritual abilities Rikke will scan your body by moving and intuitively placing her hands gently on various areas

This process will eliminate blockages in your body creating

an optimal state for healing to occur filling the new

space with healing energies

You may experience imbalances that may evoke a variety of emotions or physical sensations such as heat, cold, tingling,

pressure, sadness, heaviness and lightness ect.

This usually occurs when a deeply embedded trauma or attachment is finally released from the physical, emotional

and energetic body

During the majority of the healing therapy session you will be lying comfortable down with a pillow and blanket for comfort, fully dressed at all times while relaxing

Rikke will receive channelled personal messages which she will share with you during or after the healing therapy treatment


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A healing therapy session can open up the heart in a powerful way to releasing blockages and imbalances

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