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Clairvoyant Reading

Clairvoyance Reading

Insight  Clarity  Direction  Healing

Clairvoyance is a spiritual ability allowing Rikke to see

things from a unique perspective.

This clarity pinpoints the most important themes and areas to focus on during your clairvoyant reading with Rikke

In a clairvoyance reading all issues can be addressed

to help you to step forward on your path with more clarity, confidence and courage

Rikke will look into all areas of your life such as love, career,

finances, health, spirituality, personal development,

your life purpose and for blockages or hidden patterns

that block your personal and spiritual development

Rikke meets you in a non judgmental space

where she is known for her ability to speak from the heart

in an empathetic yet direct way. Rikke will also ask questions during a reading and provide guidance which can include her spiritual knowledge and own life experiences

In order to successfully create the changes in your overall life

and to achieve results you have to take the proper steps

on insight and guidance your receive in a reading


With my clairvoyant abilities I will bring insight,

clarity and direction in every session,

retreat and teaching program

Spiritual Counseling Process
Spiritual Counseling Process

I work with individual and personalized spiritual counseling where I will meet you exactly where you are in your life where we together will build visible and lasting new healthy habits


My goal is to guide and support you in finding into becoming

the strongest version of yourself and create a life where you feel fulfilled, happy and balanced

Spiritual counseling is a strong foundation where I use a spiritual approach to efficiently creating awareness and direction for your personal challenges, growth, potential and goals​

 I quickly see hidden patterns and blockages which can be hindering you from reaching your potential and dreams

My main goal during a spiritual counseling process is to teach you useful and concrete tools which you can apply in your daily life to help to grow and support you in all aspects

of your life

Practical Information

I will guide and support you on your personal growth journey where we will meet once a month over a period of three months

Throughout the process I will be available to you by email and phone if you require additional support between sessions 

I also offer single clairvoyant reading but with individual counseling process which is minimum 3 sessions

my goal is to create transformative changes, personal growth

and lasting results for you

After each session you will receive homework assignments and concrete spiritual tools which supports you as you progress

in the process

Investments for the beneficiaries total 609 USD

The registration is binding

You are most welcome to write to me if you want to set up a call about how I can help you on your personal journey

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Clairvoyance Reading

Embarking on my reading with Rikke has been an experience far beyond my expectations. As I participated for the first time I found myself genuinely delighted

to be in her presence


Within those initial 15 minutes left me in a a state of awe. The accuracy of the reading in addressing the very aspects I had been seeking insights into was truly astonishing


I was pleasant surprised to discover that Rikke possessed a remarkable ability to understand and connect with my thoughts and intentions. This mutual understanding made our interaction smooth and enriching


The newfound clarity and lightness I feel post-session have granted me the strength

and motivation to channel my best efforts into various aspects of my life


Rikke's guidance has not only provided valuable insights but also served

as a catalyst for positive change and personal growth

Firman - Jakarta

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