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Bali Retreats

Rikke offers spiritual retreats in healing location in Ubud, Bali

where you can focus on self-discovery, deepening of spirituality, healing and personal development

Grief Loss Healing

Grief Retreat

Rikke invites you to a safe space with insightful

spiritual counseling and deceased contact for anyone

who is struggling with grief and loss

You will not only be guided but also be taught to understand

and heal grief from a deeply spiritual perspective​ and learn to recognize and tune into signs that your loved ones are still with you through signs, synchronicities, lucid dreams,

deep insights and messages

Couple Retreat

The happiest and healthiest couples are the ones who embrace the time to learn and grow together through relationship building activities. Your couple retreat journey is dedicated to reconnecting and uniting your love into a deeper connection and higher level of conscious love

This is the perfect opportunity to explore, open up, heal

and transform your relationship. The two of you have time to open new doors to strengthen your love and relationship for yourself and one another

Couple Retreat

Spiritual Leadership Retreat

Spiritual leadership retreat is an energetic space that will provide you with new inspiration, spiritual knowledge and powerful useful tools to unite spirituality with your personal life

and professional goals

 Areas you will work with to discover and redefine your new direction:

Self-love, meditation, core values, intuition, energy, gratitude,

the universal laws of manifestation, goal setting

and so much more

Spiritual Leadership
Meditation & Yin Yoga Retreat

I had a lot of mental health issues when I came to see Rikke.
I was feelin
g lost, anxious and in excruciating pain

Rikke clearly saw what was the cause to my sorrow and what I truly wanted out of life.
This gave me the confidence and strength to make it a reality

During my private retreat Rikke guided me in such a powerful way which
helped me to let go of the things that were no longer good for me

My time with her inspired and gave me the motivation to continue
on my new path in life 

Indah - Jakarta

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