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Bali Retreat Experience

Bali Retreat Experience

Retreat Purpose

Rikke has created a modern spiritual retreat experience

in the legendary center of spirituality Ubud, Bali​

Ubud is a very magical retreat destination​. It is known for its calming and uplifting spirit where a deep spiritual energy exists

The healing effect of Ubud coupled with Rikke's spiritual abilities is the ideal setting enhancing support to experience the benefits of a

complete spiritual retreat​


The purpose is to make visible, life changing and lasting results and provide you with deep spiritual nourishment for the heart, mind, body and soul. All four elements are integrated in a spiritual retreat program which can help to open your eyes to a new way of living, reconnect with yourself, your intuition and the spiritual energy

Retreat Purpose

Experience from session to session deeper parts of you

has transformed and a new awareness has emerged

Retreat Program

Retreat Program

A daily retreat schedule is designed around 2 - 3 sessions per day.
You will experience a variety of extensive spiritual tools and immersive
therapy forms - all developed for self discovery connecting you more deeply with what brings purpose, value and balance to your life

Clairvoyant Reading

Through Rikke's spiritual gifts allows her to see things from a unique perspective where you will receive clarity, new inspiration, spiritual motivation and insight into your past, present and future life through concrete channelled messages and guidance​

Yin Yoga Therapy

The yoga path can take you on an interior journey and will cultivate a closer relationship with yourself. Yoga asana is a way to open up your heart, reaching the deeper parts within you for self-exploration and acceptance through the poses, prayers, mantra chanting and powerful healing affirmations

Energy Talk

Learn about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy. Be inspired with the understanding and knowledge about energy which we are all part of and surrounded by all the time. By using the universal principles you will learn how to attract what you truly desire

Healing Clearing Therapy

Healing therapy is a gentle energy treatment

to promote relaxation and assist in releasing

long held emotional patterns, beliefs and trauma allowing your body to heal on a deep

spiritual level

Meditation Teaching

Learn to reestablish a stronger connection to yourself, your intuition and how to open up more freely to the divine energy. Begin your meditation journey and cultivate a new conscious and spiritual relationship with yourself

Grief Counseling

Through Rikke's clairvoyant abilities she will support you to discover your own path to healing so you can find comfort and hope again. In this unique experience you will find inspiration to open your heart and mind while learning to recognize and tune into signs that your loved ones are still with you

The Universal Laws Of Manifestation

An energetic space where you will learn your own manifestation power to achieve your dreams, living a life full of love and abundance. Be inspired with spiritual knowledge and powerful concrete tools to unite spirituality with your personal life & goals

Spirit Séance

Rikke will communicate with the spiritual world and try to facilitate contact with the deceased or loved one to help you to find closure​ in a private grief retreat through channeled messages

A complete retreat is developed with the intention to

create visible, life changing and lasting results 

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